Granted. Nothing bangs more than a long overdue hall party, let alone an independence day party.

However, it also remains that the fight for independence for many African countries relays a story of tragedy moreso than triumph. Thus, for many, there is simply little to celebrate.

Today marks the 61st anniversary of The Democratic Republic of Congo’s independence from direct Belgian rule- a particularly painful and prevalent story of imperialism that cripples Congo to the present day. Learning of Congo’s occupation and ‘freedom’ invokes the fundamental idea that to be wholly ‘independent’ of an eager oppressor is to be in…

For the ‘why isn’t anyone talking about this’ warriors.

Enforced lockdowns have been the perfect catalyst for persistent social issues to come to the fore and to remain present in global consciousness and socio-political discourse. By nature, protest popularises provocation. Thus the confines of our four walls have broadened our perspectives upon those who’s walls are bombed by governments and shattered by racialised, violent policing. But how far does this resolve translate beyond computerised screens?

How do you separate an inflated sense of stewardship and privileged humility? Revolutionary jargon carefully placed in a witty caption or an article is the bare minimum at best and pretentious at worst. Nonetheless…

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Is it possible to have a midlife crisis before life has even begun?

I have never doubted so much about so many things and thought about myself and the world in so much depth. I’ve doubted my intelligence, my religion, my relationships, my politics and everything else in between.

To be so disenchanted with childhood yet repulsed by adulthood is a funny place to be in- made worse by being denied legitimate responsibility yet still being inundated with information, with crossroads that will no doubt have more potholes and u-turns along the way and still having childish tendencies- and rightfully…

(Jun 13, 2020)

If you read this article as divisive, then you didn’t read it at all. Interpret this as clearly as you see it:

Black Britain needs to de-center Black America from everything we know about race. Black Britain needs to decenter Black America full stop. De-center doesn’t mean disregard, as we know, America is the bastard child of British racism birthed from the economic empire of American chattel slavery. There is no doubt that we are fully aware of the atrocities of slavery and the legacy that lives on through the race relations that we are seeing erupt…

On the specificity of trauma and faceted healing.

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As a 14 year old girl, it might perplex you as to why you may have found me replaying the soulful outros of grime albums at 2 am on a Friday night. At almost 18, here I am, drafting this article to the sound of Ghetts’ latest album, Conflict of Interest, vividly picturing the jail cell he sat in at 16 or the one too many funerals he’s been to. …

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There’s something uniquely jarring about 4c hair. When someone with this hair type tells you it has a mind of its own, believe them. Contrary to European rhetoric, afro hair, and specifically 4c hair, is the most delicate hair type with the most fragile texture and curl pattern. She is more prone to breakage, shrinkage, knots, tangles and Sideshow Bob jokes as a result of tightly coiled, undefined curls.

Even in my own short lifespan I’ve been called many flattering insults at the expense of my hair in its natural state. What was most hurtful about these comments is not…

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In a previous post, I cited the saying ‘if you don’t do politics, politics will do you’- and boy did it do us- astronomically. Particularly as a student, we have had it thee worst in terms of how the government and the virus have wrecked the systems that deliver our education, development at such a pivotal time in our lives. After living through such a year in which a panoramic shook global politics, I think it is more important than ever to learn from the mistakes of the recent, as well as distant, past.

1. Identity politics is killing my people

Today’s identity politics is crippling the…

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I am painfully new to this game but the uncodified laws of creative expression means I have the right to hold such an opinion. Not just in context of the BLM movement but objectively speaking, in a world that has been completely defaced by societal turmoil, a year that has been 3 in 1, I doubt this post-pandemic era could stomach or even have the time for the long-winded pamphlets seen in past revolutions. In an increasingly digitalised, fast fashion, fast-food, 8-second attention span world, the idiom of ‘actions speak louder than words’ will never be truer.

Never did I…

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It’s very common for people to feel pride on account of their family or friend’s accomplishments. It it is even more common for people to tell you- albeit indirectly on social media- that you must be happy for your friends, that jealous is inherently evil and if you can’t be happy for your peers, you’re a hater. …

Dorea Nengese

Londoner, student of society

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