Granted. Nothing bangs more than a long overdue hall party, let alone an independence day party.

However, it also remains that the fight for independence for many African countries relays a story of tragedy moreso than triumph. Thus, for many, there is simply little to celebrate.

Today marks the 61st…

Interrogate your reasons why for better clarity of purpose

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My first ever blog post was the most random 2 minute read about jealousy. I had no desire to make money, to acquire fame or to be consistent. I simply wrote to get away from the barrage of school work that was laced with COVID home learning.

The next trigger…

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Is it possible to have a midlife crisis before life has even begun?

I have never doubted so much about so many things and thought about myself and the world in so much depth. I’ve doubted my intelligence, my religion, my relationships, my politics and everything else in between.


(Jun 13, 2020)

If you read this article as divisive, then you didn’t read it at all. Interpret this as clearly as you see it:

Black Britain needs to de-center Black America from everything we know about race. Black Britain needs to decenter Black America full stop. De-center doesn’t mean…

On the specificity of trauma and faceted healing.

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As a 14 year old girl, it might perplex you as to why you may have found me replaying the soulful outros of grime albums at 2 am on a Friday night. At almost 18, here I am, drafting this article to the sound of Ghetts’ latest album, Conflict of…

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There’s something uniquely jarring about 4c hair. When someone with this hair type tells you it has a mind of its own, believe them. Contrary to European rhetoric, afro hair, and specifically 4c hair, is the most delicate hair type with the most fragile texture and curl pattern. …

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In a previous post, I cited the saying ‘if you don’t do politics, politics will do you’- and boy did it do us- astronomically. Particularly as a student, we have had it thee worst in terms of how the government and the virus have wrecked the systems that deliver our…

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I am painfully new to this game but the uncodified laws of creative expression means I have the right to hold such an opinion. Not just in context of the BLM movement but objectively speaking, in a world that has been completely defaced by societal turmoil, a year that has…

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It’s very common for people to feel pride on account of their family or friend’s accomplishments. It it is even more common for people to tell you- albeit indirectly on social media- that you must be happy for your friends, that jealous is inherently evil and if you can’t be…

Dorea Nengese

Londoner, student of society

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